TOPIC: Ethnic and Racial Inequality in Ancient Rome


4-page research paper for this course. Construct a well-organized and well researched paper explaining that topic.

Content and Structure

The paper should briefly introduce your chosen topic and clearly state a thesis that describes the purpose or argument contained in your paper. The body of the paper should describe the topic as though it were being presented to peers who are mostly ignorant about the topic (i.e. explain technical language if used). The body of the paper should analyze and reflect on one your topic.

Finally, the paper might include a discussion of how the topic is relevant within contemporary society. If

you choose, you may even reflect on the relevance of that topic on your area of study or how it may

even directly impact you personally. You should lastly identify questions or topics for further research

Sources & References

You must use at least 4 academic sources of information. Correct citations are REQUIRED for all information—including direct quotations, summaries, and paraphrasing—in the text of your paper that is not original. A bibliography (Chicago Manual of Style) or works cited page (MLA style) containing all of your references must be included at the end of your paper. Wikipedia and similar websites are NOT a valid source. Most articles on Wikipedia include citations with references to their source information, which you may be able to obtain and use


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