this is a junior college level paper, which will be submitted to turnitin (the biggest plagiarism tool) and must be 100% originality meaning there should be NO QUOTES, only paraphrases.

the essay topic is:

Ethics of care, pluralism and particularism are rebellious departures from all of them, and virtue ethics, the ancient grandparent of all ethical thinking in the West, is in a class by itself. So, briefly describe those four theories, including strengths and weaknesses evaluated in our textbook; and discuss in which salient ways each departs from utilitarianism and Kantianism.

Use your own words; no quotations.

The book: Timmons, Mark. Conduct and Character: Readings in Moral Theory. Sixth Edition. 2012. Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Boston, MA

i was thinking an intro, 4 paragraphs describing each theory in detail (strengths and weaknesses ACCORDING TO THE TEXTBOOK) then the next paragraph comparing and contrasting the 4 theories. then discuss, “in which salient ways each departs from utilitarianism and Kantianism.”

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