Estimate of the Weight of a Bridge

Project description
Project 1: Estimate of the Weight of a Bridge
In this project students, working in pairs, will be responsible for the estimation of the
weight of all materials used to make a bridge located near one of the group members. As
a group, decide on a bridge in which to perform the estimation and a way to determine
how to determine basic dimensions of the bridge without the use of a measurement
device, such as a ruler, tape measure, laser range finder, protractor, etc. If the group is
unsure on the acceptability of the measurement technique feel free to ask the instructor
via email.
A technical report and powerpoint presentation will be submitted as the completion of
the project. With the presentation add some of the things you would present with the
slides as notes for each slides.
-Technical Report

Grading and Evaluation
60% Technical Report (15% of which is the description of the method used)

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