1.Discussion :Chapter 18 explained ERM and Bluewood Chocolates. Do you agree with the approach to implement an ERM and why? If you could change anything about the reasons to implement ERM in this case study what would that be and why? Would you implement the same ERM approach in your current organization (or future organization)?


To complete this assignment, you must do the following:


As indicated above, reflect on the ERM implementation in BlueWood Chocolates, make recommendations and determine if it can be implemented in your current or future organizations.




2.Journal summary :Locate an article or example of a real use case based on this week’s lesson. If you can’t find an article or use case example make one up. Write a summary of the use case and describe how it is similar or different from the use case in the textbook. 


Your writeup should include:


1. Title Page


2. Content


3. References (if applicable):

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