Pager should be 6 pages (double spaced) and should include the following topics:
Brief History: No more than 1 ½ pages about the history behind the public policy. For example, what was going on in the nation or in an area that a problem was becoming apparent?
Public Policy Process: At least a half page to a page should be written on each of the phases of the public policy process according to your book and handout from the first day of class (Identification, Agenda, Formulation, Enactment, Implementation, and Evaluation).
Conclusion: No more than 1 ½ pages on your evaluation of how well the public policy is addressing the problem. What are your recommendations of enhancing it? Should it be re-evaluation to fit today’s society? Etc.

Submission Guidelines
No folders please.
Make sure that you submit your paper with a cover page and work cited page. Examples are in the back of your book following page 600. Please NOTE: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for this paper; however, you may consider researching the sources used to construct the Wikipedia post. Please contact me if you are uncertain. Also, please check your syllabus for academic integrity guidelines.
One-inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right);
Use 12-point Times New Roman only;
First and Last name with page numbers should be placed in the top right hand corner of the paper (e.g. Smith 1);
Staple the document in the upper left hand corner.

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