• Over the semester, you may turn in up to three (3) Current Environmental Event Reports  (CEER)@ 3 points each in extra credit.
  • Find a current (within the past 12 months) environmental news event online or in print (English language only). Download the BSC1050_CEER Table.rtf file and complete the attached table
    • I encourage you to examine a wide range of media sources and find articles you are personally interested in (because that’s one of the questions you’ll answer)
    • You may wish to begin looking at the World Events & News sites at Cool & Useful Environmental Links listed under Tools and Resources on the left side of this page.
    • Check your Calendar for due dates.  
    • Find a good media source not on this list? Email me the link and I’ll see about adding it to the collection.
  • Complete all of the boxes of the table
    • Boxes will expand as you type. Limit the table to one (full) to two pages maximum.
    • Remember to use your ENC 1101 class guidelines when writing your summary.
      • Begin with a clear topic sentence.
      • The “story” is told in a logical sequence
      • Use specific examples in connecting this event to the course.
      • Make sure you describe why and how it’s connected.
      • End with a clear concluding sentence.
      • Word-processed, 1.0 spaced lines, 10 point font.
      • Proofread carefully for spelling, grammar and mechanics (these count in your grade)
    • Save the table with your name_CEER# and file extensionPlace it in the appropriate Drop Box by the designated date on the Calendar.
      • Ex. YourName_CEER1.doc or YourName_CEER1.rtf (no other file extensions are acceptable)  

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