Entomology- honeybee waggle Dance related

You are a honeybee forager who has just found a rich source of nectar. Your find was made in the afternoon at a time when the sun was exactly halfway between the zenith (top of the daily arc) and the horizon. If you were to plot the position of the sun to compass bearings on a flat surface, it would be exactly southwest or a bearing of 225 degrees. Your source of nectar is directly southeast of the hive at a bearing of 135 degrees. The distance of the nectar is 315 meters from the hive. You must tell your nest-mates how to find the source.

Explain in essay form, the events that occur from your landing at the hive’s front entrance. 

1. What do you do upon landing

2. who greets you

3. what do you do with the nectar

4. how do you explain where the nectar is located. 

You must have a diagram of the hive, sun and the food source as well as a diagram of the dance. (total of two diagrams). Make sure you label all the directions. The dance should be described in detail. Remember, you are dancing on a vertical surface.

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