English 5: Research Paper Topic & Thesis

Please include the following for your preliminary work on your Research Argument Paper


1. Your issue of controversy(This is not the same as a topic which is usually broader-see below for an example.)


2. Debate or guiding question: If you think about it, almost all essays involve a question behind the argument. Your thesis/claim/argument is the short answer to the question. The body of your paper explains the reasons for your short answer and provides further support for both your answer and your reasons. Also, although the book phrases the question as a debate question in order to make sure you answer in the form of a persuasive argument, the word “debate” implies an either/or situation. I would like you to remember that most questions and issues have more than two answers and/or perspectives.)


3. Thesis/claim/argumentYour nutshell (short-one sentence or two at the most) answer to your question.


4. Includea paragraph that explores and explains why this question(not the issue-your question-issues can have different questions depending on who is looking at the issue.) is important/significant to you.


5. Include a paragraph that explores and explains why others might find this question to be important/significant.

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