To learn more about the effects of teratogens on the developing person and the Internet resources available to prospective parents, pick a teratogen from among those mentioned in the text and surf the net to find answers to the following questions. Incorporate your answers to the questions in a 1 – 2 page essay.

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You may choose between rubella,toxoplasmosis,AIDS, malnutrition,radiation,marijuana,heroin, cocaine,caffeine etc.

1. Which teratogen did you choose? Why?

2. What are the potential short- and long-term effects of this teratogen on the developing person?

3. Are other risk factors associated with damage from this teratogen? That is, who is most (and least) likely to suffer teratogenic damage?

4. Has this teratogen become more of a problem in recent years as a result of technological advances? Explain.

5. What steps can prospective parents take to minimize the effects of this teratogen?

give a references page in APA format

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