Interview a principal on the following topics and then summarize the responses of the administrator into a paper. This assignment can be completed in a question and answer format and APA form and style do not apply. Questions should include the following: 




How do you advertise a vacancy? 

How do you select the candidates to be interviewed? 

How do you interview the candidates? 

How do you check for references and credentials? 

How do you select the best candidate? 

How and when do you offer the job? 

How and when do you offer the candidate the position? 

How do you notify unsuccessful candidates?




How do you acquaint new employees to the school/faculty, staff and community? 

Does your district have an induction program? 

If not, does the school sponsor one? 




How do you evaluate the staff? 

What instruments are used and how often? 

How do you collect data to be used? 

Staff Development 


How do you determine the needs of the faculty/staff for staff development?

How is the final decision made on what will be offered? 




Is there a reward or incentive program in your district or school? 


The written interview report must contain the proper NSU cover sheet and reference page. Be sure to summarize the responses not just list them.

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