The purpose of this project is for you to prepare a summary report on the issue of productivity, the challenges associated with it, and what remedies need to be undertaken to resolve these issues. For this paper, you should choose one country or region in order to address the topic.
one of the key economic challenges is productivity. This may be defined as output per manhour, per worker, or even what is known as factor productivity (the output relative to the combined effect of capital and labour). Productivity may be affected by many factors, including capital investment, incentives, skills, and the aging workforce and demographic shifts.

The aim of the report is to highlight the issue of productivity in Saudi Arabia. In doing so, there are three aims of the report:

– To discuss the trend in productivity
– To highlight the factors that have contributed to changes to productivity
– To indicate how the trends in productivity have impacted economic performance and competitiveness
– To suggest how you feel the nation or region should best address the issue

The paper you prepare MUST be structured in the following manner, divided in the following 6 sections with appropriate headings:

-Introductory paragraph stating the aim of the paper, how it will be structures, and the conclusion reached.
Summarise the trend in productivity. (15%)
Discuss what factors have contributed to the trend (15%)
-Identify how this trend has impacted economic performance, but most importantly, international competitive position. (30%)
-Make suggestions on what the nation or region should do to address the productivity challenge (15%)
-Conclusion, restating what you have achieved in the paper and why you believe your conclusion is reasonable (5%)

The remaining 20% of the grade will reflect grammar, writing style, sentence structure and clarity. It will also reflect professionalism in its appearance and presentation. This should be prepared as if it is being submitted to a senior executive committee.

Supporting tables, charts, and your references must be included in an appendix, NOT IN THE MAIN BODY OF THE REPORT.

You must include supporting data and facts to back up your arguments. As an example, indicators on changing competitiveness may be supported by indexes of competitive ranking, changing trade patterns and balance of payments. You are expected to know what information is relevant.

You are expected to conduct further research on the issues mentioned in this article. I will be looking for at least 10 article references that must be included in your report.

The report must be 5 pages – no less, 11 font, 1½ spaced. The length does not include cover page or appendixes and references. 


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