This is a term paper in my econometrics class. Writer needs to write certain sections of the final term paper based on a group research/presentation. The writer may better understand this presentation if he/she knows how to use the statistical software, Stata, since this is the software we used to analyze our data. Based on this presentation, the writer needs to write 3 sections: 1. Introduction/Motivation (Included in the presentation, needs to expand, I would much appreciate if you write an abstract as well). 2. Literature Reviews (also included in the presentation, however needs more detailed explanations in the paper). 3. Conclusion (also included, needs to expand and more detailed explanation as well). Ideally each section shouldn’t exceed 2 pages. I know this assignment could be confusing and you need to fully understand our slides. So if you encounter any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me, I ll give you as much help as I can

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