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Topic: Twelve parents at a center have been laid off from a local retailer due to a mild recession in the area. Eleven of the 12 families withdrew from the program with little or no notice. All contracts require a two-week written notice, but, under the circumstances, these families could not comply. The director developed her budget based on 95 percent enrollment of the center, which has a capacity of 70 full-time enrollments. She is now expecting approximately $4,700 less per month than planned. Additionally, she is staffed for these 11 children, all in different programs because their ages range from two through three-and-a-half.

This is a research-based assignment. Using several sources from the course for support, answer these questions:

1.     How could the director attempt to reconcile the budget?

2.     How could the director avoid layoffs in her own staff? Is that possible?

3.     Do you think the director’s aim of 95 percent reenrollment is realistic? Why?

4.     What could you learn from this case study?


Click, P. M., Karkos, K. A, & Robertson, C. (2013). Administration of programs for young children (9th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage, 284.

Please write at least 2 pages answering the questions that related to the topic which is attached, also you will see some examples just to give you an idea. Make sure using these reference
Click, P. M., Karkos, K. A., & Robertson, C. (2014). Administration of programs for young children (9th. ed.). Stamford, CT Cengage.


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