have done every thing but need to be organised
literature review need add some recent reference – impractical research papered

reorganized – data analysis and discussion chapters only

page 101 – 113 demographic if you check how strong and explained enough
need to be restructuring the table of content
data analysis and discussion chapters
and write the conclusion and recommendations
page 112 – 143 qualitative analysis still i’m working on this part – if you can improve it

find Scatterplot on some part specially on usage of TPACK and deterrent between Saudi Arabia and Australia
create 3 figures models
1- compare between saudi and australia
2- factors to improve usage of ICT in education
3- what ever do you think necessary

150- to the end – students and teachers data analysis and discussion – conclusion need some work and more reorganizing

check tables of content – table numbers and references style and correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, repeated words, and referencing accuracy (structurally, in cohesion with the referencing and check English to incorporate more academic language and sentence structure

you can see my research questions and aims in first part – introduction and research methodology

deadline 25 – October

this is sample of thesis – check data analysis and discussion chapter please


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