The Dollhouse

Project description
Which elements and aspects of A Dollhouse are most and least realistic?
Consider Ibsen’s symbolism, with reference to Dr. Rank, macaroons, the Christmas tree, the presents, the locked mailbox, the dance, Nora’s black shawl, her change of clothing in Act 3, and the door slam at the play’s close.
Is Nora a victim of circumstances or a villain who brings about problems? What is Ibsen’s view?
describe the “role-playing’ in the Helmer marriage. Does any evidence suggest that Nora know she is playing a role”
When Nora asks Torvald to restore Krogstad’s job, Torvald refuses on the ground that he should not give in to his wife’s pressure (Act 2, speech 113). Later, he claims that their marriage is destroyed, but that they should keep up the appearance of marital stability (Act 3, speech 242). In the light of such statements, describe Torvald’s character. What concerns him most about life and marriage”
A major theme in the play is that weakness and corruption are passed from generation to generation. Examine this theme in connection with krogstad and his sons, Nora and her children, Nora and her father and dr. Rank.
Discuss the ideas about individual growth, marriage, and social convention in the play. How are these ideas developed and related?

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