Please be aware that there is a writing part of this quiz. It will be a box that you write 1-2 paragraphs in. You will be asked about how community overcomes evil, both in your thinking and in Paul’s thinking.  


here is information talk in class

The Matrix. Once Neo is unplugged from the Matrix, he is immediately introduced to the team aboard the Nebuchadnezzar. He enters the ship helpless, never using his muscles or eyes before. He needs a team to nurture or train him, away from the Matrix into a new existence. See the clip from your own copy of the Matrix (35:10-39:20).  

(2) Watch the following TedTalk. Note what is asserted about teamwork. Note how teamwork is often about process instead of set plans, reminding us of Paul’s process, which often seems quite ad hoc 



Using the two clips above, come up with some reasons why evil (however you may define it) is overcome through teamwork. Do you think human beings can accomplish anything apart from teamwork? 

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