Do you consider “Made in the USA” labels to be deceptive advertising? 

Many consumers are becoming more critical about the products they purchase and will often closely examine a product before buying it. The way a product is packaged and labelled can have a big impact on a consumer’s decision to purchase it. Using the material covered in Chapter 45 of the textbook, discuss the following points in your post:

  • Do you consider “Made in the USA” labels to be deceptive advertising? 
  • Should the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have the right to regulate the tobacco industry?
  • Search your home, a local store or the internet to locate a product where you feel the label omits important information or appears to be misleading. Post a picture of the product’s label here in the discussion forum (or post a picture of the product’s label from the manufacturer’s website). Discuss your thoughts on why the label is misleading or deceptive. How does this make you feel as a consumer?

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