Do Humans Have Five Senses?


Senses are among the most important issues that usually contributes towards adequate operations and the ability to carry out various activities most so when it comes to human beings. Human beings are among one of the most intelligent animals that when compared with the other animals that are situated in various parts of the world. For a very long time, a lot of stories have always been convoluted regarding the issue whether human beings have five senses or not. Many individuals originating from various parts of the world have needed upcoming with so many conclusions pertaining this issue. Some people have gone further to view this as a misconception. In most occasions, misconceptions are usually various types of ideas that people usually believe in but in real sense they do not seem to be true. As far as my view is concerned, the ability to believe that humans have five senses is a true fact. this clearly shows that the misconception about humans having five senses is totally true beyond no reasonable doubt. some people think humans have more than five senses which is wrong.

A sense can easily be described as a psychological capacity that is always present in various types of organisms and is always capable of providing various forms of data for perceptions within these organisms. according to A philosophy of Mingled Bodies ''Various types of senses together with the condition on how they operate are usually studied within a wide variety of fields''. Among the main fields usually include cognitive psychology and the philosophy of perception whereby various individuals are always capable of coming up with various types of information regarding the issues associated with senses most so in the human beings. The nervous system is known to have the capability of having a specific type of sensory nervous system together with a sense organ which are usually dedicated to one another so as to facilitate efficient operation.

Human beings are always known to possess multitude of sensors where in most occasions they have five senses that usually allows them to conduct various activities and come up with efficient operations under various circumstances. Among the five known senses that is present within the body of the human beings are; sight which can also be referred to as vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch. The mentioned senses that are present in human beings which in most cases have been regarded as a myth clearly shows that it is true beyond no reasonable doubts. All the four senses are known to have the ability to operate under various conditions depending on the situations where the humans are subjected to. which they learned it from their families when they were kids and school to recognize each sense to use it and it's our five senses in the body.


Sight is one of the main senses that is possessed within the body system of human beings. They are able to detect and sense each and every activity that is usually concerned with vision. In addition, through the sense of sight humans have always had the ability to detect various occasions associated with danger since they have the ability to see what is taking place within the environment and be able to judge whether it is dangerous or not. This is how the sense of sight is capable of playing its role so as to enable the humans carry out various forms of activities in a reasonable manner. In most of the occasions, humans apply this sense nearly ninety nine percent of their daily activities and it is the sense of sight that views each and every information taking place before the brain comes up with a reasonable conclusion.


Hearing is also another sense that has enabled humans to deal with various cases of audition, they have the ability to listen and interpreted each and every information that is usually in audio form. It means that through the sense of hearing, they are capable of interpreting various information thereby coming up with one of the most efficient solutions and conclusions. Through hearing process, various sounds are likely to be represented by various types of information thus this is adequately utilized by the humans and in most occasions, after the application of vision as a sense, it is then followed by hearing (Rosenblum, 2010).


Each and every human being has a sense to taste and in most situations taste is usually viewed to be among the sensations that is usually being produced when there is the reaction of a particular substance in the mouth, this substance usually reacts chemically with most of the taste receptor cells that are always located on the taste buds. The taste buds are known to be present in the oral cavity of the mouth (Kern-Stähler, 2016). This sense to taste thus has the ability to determine the various flavors that are possessed by foods and certain substances thus this will always ensure that the humans are able to come up with reasonable conclusions regarding what tastes good and what tastes bad, what tastes sweet and what tastes bitter.


Smell also comes fourth as one of the senses that are present within the body system of humans. The sense of smell usually takes place with the nose. It is the nose that is capable of detecting various types of smell that the body is able to encounter. Smell can be regarded as sweet or bad. Humans have the capability to stay away from irritating smells through the application of the smell as a sense. and how we use it to recognize things as spices or food it's expired or not if there is no date. this sense helped us to breath and get o2 into our body to be able to breath.


The sense of touch usually takes place within the skin which is one of the organ that plays an important role when it comes to the human sense of touch. This is simply because it is not located at a specific point within the body system but instead it is widespread all over the entire body system (Serres, 2016). The sense of touch in human beings is known to have the capability of using a wide range of receptors that usually help in the response of various types of stimuli that the body is capable of undergoing through. These types of stimuli usually include; pain, pressure, temperature, weight and even vibrations. Various types of receptors that have the capability of responding to heat and cold are usually known as thermoreceptors. Moreover, mechanoreceptors are also another category of receptors that in most cases have the ability to respond to various conditions of mechanical stimuli such as vibrations and even pressure exerted to the body.

This research has gone an extra mile to come up with one of the most reasonable information regarding whether humans have five senses of not. It has clearly proved that the myth that most people believe in that humans operate on five senses is a true myth. All these five senses have the ability to work hand in hand with one another so as to ensure that each and every condition is taken appropriately and adequate conclusion is made so as to solve various issues.

There is no sense that is special than the other but instead all of them are perceived to be equal. When one sense is not operating efficiently, then it is an automatic concern that the rest of the senses will always be able to suffer in one way or another. This article gathered information from various sources where most of the sources clearly postulates that in deed there are five senses that carter for the efficient operations within the body system of living things. Although there are still some researches going on with the aim of coming up with new senses within the human system but still there is no adequate information that has confirmed this too be a true story. Due to this, the fact still remains that humans operate on five senses which enables them to come up with various conclusions.

As a matter of fact, I strongly agree with this that in deed it is a true story a whoever believes that humans don’t have five senses is wrongly placed and cannot have the ability to come up with an efficient outcome regarding this issue. Therefore, each and every individual should know that it is important to have access to such like information with the aim of knowing how the human system operates in terms of solving out various issues effectively. All the issues discussed in this research are quite enough to create awareness on the number of senses that are present in the entire system of humans and how they are capable of operating and responding most so when they are exposed under various circumstances. In conclusion, I stand to support the fact that the misconception is in fact true and talks about a real situation as far as the human senses is concerned.


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things need to be fixed : the key is to make sure the body of the essay actually proves it true. You've got good info here about the existence of the 5 sources (more than you need, really), but I don't see much discussion of why anyone would believe there are more than 5 sources, or any refutation of that idea. That's really the key to your argument based on your thesis!

the assiment :

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