Diversity Manifesto (Concept Map) (Educational Philosophy)
1. Concept Map
Create a Diagram?using a graphic organizer or other means?that encompasses as many concepts as you are able to associate with one of the key concepts of the course, diversity in the context of equity. In constructing this diagram keep in mind the dual contexts of school and society.

Concept maps could be thought to resemble a wheel with spokes, or the model of a solar system. Following a brainstorming session place your keystone concept or topic in the center of your page and begin to draw lines to related concepts. Once you have established the primary associations on the conceptual level, add secondary, and when relevant, tertiary levels of association. Established associations between and amongst concepts of your choice could be of a hierarchical as well as non-hierarchical nature. Next, determine the ways in which your concepts are related to each other by placing link words on the lines that connect these concepts.

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