Discussion Board: LTC Legal Issues and Regulation in LTC
Discuss how the four expectations of a long-term care administrator presented in the American College of Health Care Administrators code of ethics affect professional behavior on a daily basis.

State requirements for the education and certification or licensure of nursing home administrators and assisted living facility administrators vary greatly. Select two states and create a chart comparing requirements for licensure or certification and education or training for each. Laws regulating skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities vary by state. However, most states’ regulations address emergency/disaster preparedness, fire safety, staff training, medication management, resident privacy, and background checks. What do the regulations in your selected two states say about these issues? Where do you see the greatest differences in regulations? Why?

Note that any perceived duplication/plagiarism will result in a zero.

post should not have identical phrases as you should be paraphrasing and interpreting the information. Not doing so is plagiarism and will earn a zero; see your syllabus regarding repeat offenses.
Discussion contributions are characterized by depth and reflection on the issues, familiarity with the course materials (citing experts and/or the readings, drawing parallels, etc.), and insightful interpretations or well- supported alternative viewpoints of the course materials as applicable.

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