Read “Suburban Homes Construction Project” at the end of Chapters 12 and 13 (in the textbook) and then develop a quality management plan.    


Submit your answer in the Discussion Forum and then submit peer replies regarding their answers (200 word minimum for each peer reply).  Please note the netiquette rules as located in the left column of this screen.  Click on “Netiquette” and read the instructions.  




Part 2)




Answer the PMBOK® Guide Questions at the end of Chapters 12 and 13 in the textbook.


Submit your answers in the  PMBOK® Guide Questions Discussion Forum,  observe how your peers answered the questions, and then collaborate with your peers about the correct answers by submitting peer replies.  Your initial post should have the question numbers and your answers beside them.  


Please look to the Netiquette rules by clicking the “Netiquette” tab in the left column of this screen.  


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