Topic: Discuss the usefulness of one of the following films as an historical document for a cultural history of teen film: Rebel Without a Cause, The Breakfast Club, Akira, Donnie Darko, Kick-Ass.
This is a research essay and your relevant use of secondary sources (including journal articles) is expected.

Please remember the quality of your literature search depends on coming up with relevant keywords, and combinations of them. Don’t rely on Google Scholar. Use other databases too.
Essay Structure
Although the essay is not the only form of assessment that you will encounter in your studies, it is the most common one. While the basic structure of an essay includes an introduction, the main body of the essay and then a conclusion, there are other factors to consider when writing essays.

Make sure that your essay is well structured, with coherent paragraphs that logically develop an argument or thesis position. Make sure that you include an analysis and interpretation of the topic and include evidence to back up your claims. You need to explain and provide clear interpretations of the terms that you use in the essay. It is also important to remember that writing an essay is a process that you don’t get right in the first draft. It often takes several rewrites to craft your analysis, argument and expression.


• Introduce the topic of the essay
• Introduce your main thesis statement (this is the position that you will take in the essay or the purpose of your essay).
• Briefly state what you will cover in your essay
• The body of the essay should build on your thesis statement. This means providing an argument and evidence that supports the claims that you are making. The evidence comes from your research and note taking that you did to complete your essay outline.
• The argument should determine the order of your analysis and the presentation of your ideas. By beginning with an essay outline you will have already worked out some sense of how you want to structure your essay.

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• Here you should conclude your argument and reflect on what you have covered in the body of your essay.
• Avoid conclusions that just repeat what you have said in the introduction or in the body of your essay. Repeating what you have said in the Introduction does not constitute a conclusion. Rather think about the significance of the topic you have been discussing and its place in the context of the course as a whole.
• Do not introduce new material or evidence in your conclusion.
• Remember that the conclusion is the last opportunity you have to convince your reader of your argument, so use it effectively.
A paragraph is what gives your essay its structure.  A paragraph consists of a group of sentences which are linked together to form a main idea. A Paragraph should contain a topic sentence (which states what you will discuss), sentences that explain and elaborate on the topic and evidence that back up the claims that you have made.

Paragraphs that go on forever or contain one or two sentences indicate a poorly structured essay. Very long paragraphs often indicate that you are not clear where one idea ends and a new one starts. Very short paragraphs suggest that you have not provided enough evidence to back up your claims or developed your ideas fully.

As a rule do not break up your essays into sub-headings. This is especially important in an essay length of only 3000 words. Instead structure you paragraphs so that they each contain a main topic or point that you expand on in the paragraph.

Editing your work is an important part of the academic writing process. It is therefore essential that you leave enough time to be able to carefully proofread and edit your work. Be aware of

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