Please identify 9 additional empirical, scholarly articles that represent at least 2 other social science disciplines from the article you chose in Initial Research Article Summary and Analysis.  Remember that your articles must represent at least 3 social science disciplines in total. 


Your articles should reflect the current research on your topic (Gang culture among disenfranchised youth) so your articles should be not more than 5 years old. For this assignment, at least 6 of your 9 articles should have been published within the past 5 years. Your remaining three articles can include older, seminal works that have been important in guiding current research. You will know that a work is “seminal” or at least noteworthy if most of the recent articles you find refer to it. If you decide to use an article that is older than 5 years, be sure to state why you felt this article was important to include. 


Just as you did in Part II, please


Give the article name, authors, and source of the article


Identify which social science discipline your article represents


Summarize the main tenets of the article.


Discuss the implications of what the article has to say regarding your research question


Please make sure that you choose articles that contrast in some way.  If all of the articles align and say very similar things, you won’t be able to truly draw on the strengths of an interdisciplinary perspective.   Some of the articles you find may discuss your topic using research from a different country.  Feel free to draw on this information. Although you are not required to present a cross-cultural comparison, if you find articles that are relevant, please feel free to incorporate them. 


You are not required to write a cohesive paper based on your research articles.  You may list your write-ups in order in a Microsoft Word document, but you do not need to synthesize them.  This synthesis and analysis is key tr, but does not need to be present in this part of the assignment.

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