Part 1: Financial Acumen


Keeping abreast of the financial measures and metrics employed by a company allows employees to better understand its health and position at any given time.


1. Review at least three (3) articles on financial acuity. Summary the articles in  200 words. Use APA formatting throughout including in-text citations and references.


2. Discuss the benefits of establishing solid financial acumen in a company? Discuss your personal experiences in a situation where financial acumen was either not supported as an organizational hallmark or, conversely, was built into the company’s culture.(300 words)


Part 2: Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)


Write a 200-word commentary on Sarbanes Oxley and the importance this act has for American businesses today. Your commentary should include the following:
A. Rationale for SOX
B. Provisions of SOX
C. Enforcement of SOX

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