Please answer each question completely, about 2 paragraphs each. Each question is worth 20 points. Minor mistakes/inconsistencies will be 3-point deductions. Major errors will result in larger deductions.

1. Discuss some possible problems that could arise out of interacting in a global community without knowledge of and sensitivity toward other cultures.


2. How would you organize classroom instruction so that students with different learning styles can have equal access to the material at hand?


3. Given the constitutional separation of church and state, discuss the rationale for attending to religious diversity in public schools. Why should teachers, administrators, and the public be concerned about religious matters in their schools?

4. Briefly explain the process through which individuals come to learn and understand their own gender role.

5. Diversity in Schools: You spent your service learning in a Title I school or in an approved diverse setting. Reflect on the impact that socio-economic status (or whatever factor contributed to the diversity in your classroom) has on the community, school, and classroom culture where you spent your service hours.

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