Analyze two (2) websites for the implementation of the C.R.A.P. design principles. 


1. Access the sites via the “Sites for C.R.A.P. Analysis Part 2” link in Canvas. Choose any two sites to analyze.  Choose by major if you wish. You may also choose other sites within your field if you wish. Discuss sites separately.


2. Analyze/evaluate the sites for the deficiency, good use, and/or misappropriation of the principles. 


3. Thoroughly discuss the application of each principle—discussing each principle separately (i.e., four separate paragraphs using the principle names as headings).


4. Discuss improvements needed to enhance the design, navigation, clarity, etc. Give clear rationale for both your praise and criticism.


5. Be sure to IDENTIFY the sites  you chose by copying and pasting a link.

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