Discussion No. 1



 Discuss how big data can be used effectively in an area of accounting that interests you (auditing, managerial, tax, etc). Be sure to provide specific examples to support your position on the use of big data. 



3 paragraph and 3 references






Discussion No.2 



 Since you are all familiar with Safe Assign, we will use that as the basis for this discussion.  As you know when you run a paper or post through the program it will show you the “results” of similar work that are stored in a number of databases.  In other words, your data is being analyzed and reports are generated.  What conclusions can you draw from the reports that are presented?  How do you know if your conclusions are accurate?  Could there be any bias in your interpretations?  Please provide specific examples to back up your ideas.  



3 paragraph and 3 references 

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