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Choose one of the three plays which we have read this semester (Crucible, Fences, August: Osage County) as if you were going to direct the play. The essay should address: 1) a directorial concept (theme, location, etc.) 2) TWO design elements (sound, costumes, lights, set, projections) which you envision for this specific play. For each of these, speak to at least ONE specific moment in the play and how you would design that given your choices. [Note: IF you are changing the location of the play from the playwright’s original intentions, speak to how and why you have arrived at this decision.] Include the sources which have inspired or informed your choices (MLA format; a works cited page would, of course, be in addition to the 4 pages of your document). note: please choose Fences, design lighting and set. and add a few sources.

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