This assignment is a bit different. Instead of giving a response in plain writing, your response will be in form of a digital presentation, more like a multimedia story that explains the concepts. Presentation skills are very important in the digital age, and digital media provides many possibilities to work with a combination of text, images, videos and sounds. There are several tools out there. Feel free to use one of the following: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

You can find several quick tutorials on the sites, but in general they work like online PowerPoints.

The task is much in line with the “application of a learned concept” assignments you are used to by now, but the answer will consist not in a written format, but in a digital multimedia story:

Select one example of digitization of your choice that contains at least 3 (or more!) from the 10 characteristics of digitalization discussed in class. Explain the effects of each of the characteristics. Explain if and how their effects are related. Consider multiple perspectives of the arising effects on the social context. Be aware of the limitations, and do not make exaggerated claims. Use lots of vivid examples and express yourself eloquently and clearly through multimedia content, while telling a story!

Once finished, copy and paste the link to your story here as a reply to this Discussion Forum.

Then: comment on the contribution of (at least) one other student.

Points get discounted if:
no clear relation to class content and concepts can be found.
no clear storyline can be found
the usage of creative digital multimedia content is extremely monotone. No multimedia style is obligatory. You can use a combination of voice, images, maps, videos, text, etc,., but you must have to use more than one (otherwise it wouldn’t be “multi-media”).
there is no meaningful comment on the post of somebody else (phrases like “good job” or “interesting” are no comments…)
Several comments:

1- When doing creative work in the digital world, you want to make sure you don’t violate any property rights. Several of the above apps provide images for free. Naturally: you can use those. Besides this source, a good solution to this problem is to go through the search engine (also for other creative work you do, like presentations, etc- if you have no idea what this is, please watch this video here (Links to an external site.)).

2- Some apps also allow you to pull content from Facebook and Instragram, etc, but this requires you to sign with a respective account. if you prefer not to, you do not have to use these sources. Also, be aware that it is not necessary to sign in with YOUR account, but just with ANY account. So you could make up a new account for this exercise and use this one.

3- You are invited to use our lecture slides for this as well. You can for example open the Slides pdf, and use any screen capture function to “take an image” of a slide and then save it as an image (e.g. Windows: ; Mac: ).

4- Make sure you tell a story: a multimedia story! …and have fun with it

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