You must select two of the following theories / concepts and write a paper about them:


  • Social Reaction (Labeling) Theory


  • Differential Association Theory


  • Neutralization Theory


  • Conflict Theory


  • General Theory of Crime


  • Victim Precipitation Theory


  • Incapacitation


  • Deterrence Theory (include both general and specific)


  • Anomie Theory




Your topic is limited to, those two theories and must be specifically about them. Do not inter-mix theories in your paper. Be clear in your language about which theory you are referring to. 


Your paper must:


  • describe the theory in detail;


  • explain how it developed;


  • identify who developed it (or at least who is credited with it); and


  • what it attempts to explain and how it can be applied to understanding crime or criminal behavior;


  • Compare and contrast the theories in particular in how they are related to the causes of crime.

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