A Retail company X decided to develop a mobile application (EzPayX) that provides easy payment in their retail shops. You are selected as the project manager in this project. The EzPayX mobile application project is described as the following: Customers need to download application and register to the system. In the retail shop, customers will scan the products and put items into the basket. When they are ready to go they will pay for all items in the cart. After mobile payment, the customers do not have to stop at payment cashiers. Note that EzPayX needs to run on both IOS and Android operating systems. EzPayX is going to integrate to existing payment solution of the company for card payments. The Project will be executed in Scrum project management technique. In this assignment budget and project team resources are not a concern. You have enough budget and resources, but you have only 3-sprints (21-day period) to finish the project.

In this assignment, you are required to: 

● Decide time estimations of items and prepare your project plan 

● List the Product Backlog 

● Decide each Sprint Backlogs from product backlog items 

● What are the deliverable products and outcomes in sprint 

● What quality metrics can be useful in the project 

● Prepare a closing report including focus on knowledge areas with a project integration planning 

● Did you think choosing Waterfall or Spiral methodology might produce better results in this project, why?

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