Developmental Theory: Daniel Levinson

I have to create a theory on adult learning and technology. I need help getting started. Credits can be increased if needed. Here are the requirements:

Your theory will weave together the two themes: phase and stage theories, and of technology and learning. This creative exercise calls on your imagination. As a novice developer of theory, you will model your theory on those of Levinson or Kegan. Will you develop a phase or a stage theory? How many phases or stages will you postulate? What will you name them? What aspects of technology use will be included in each? What data can you present in a statement about your theory in order to make it convincing?

With these questions in mind, develop your theory of adult learning and technology use. Present your theory as a chart. (Examples of charts are included in your texts.) Create the chart in a word processing document and attach it to your Discussion post. Also, formulate a rationale for your theory.

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