Developing an activity that promotes language development

Can you give me a little information on each of these I can then finish it.

I need you to do about 250-300 words in Part A with two references.

Part A

You are the teacher in an early childhood classroom that includes eight 3- and 4-year-olds. Two of the children demonstrate highly developed language skills and speak in complete sentences. Four of the children use phrases and are still developing basic vocabulary and conversation skills. Two of the children exhibit language delays and speak in one or two word sentences, if at all.

Describe a small or large group activity that promotes language development and meets the needs of all the children in this group. Please include:
a. Purpose/objective of the activity
b. Appropriate age level
c. Necessary materials
d. Instructions for implementing the activity
e. How the activity promotes expressive and receptive language development
f. Cite two sources/resources

Part B I need about 200-250 words for start here.
Watch the video, Stuart Brown: Play is More Than Fun. Then, consider the following scenario: Jacqueline is a 3-year-old who has recently been diagnosed with a speech delay and her language skills resemble those of a 15-month-old. She is shy, withdrawn, and rarely speaks or interacts with the other children. She struggles with sharing, resolving conflicts, and taking turns. Her parents want to pull her out of class during centre time so she can receive intense speech therapy. The teacher suggests that they try to do this after school, but the parents insist that “she isn’t really learning anything during that time anyway.”

Imagine you are Jacqueline’s teacher. In your post, describe how you would explain the situation to her parents, and share your opinion about what is best for their child. Remember to include possible social and language benefits she might gain from participating in centre time and provide some strategies that you would utilize to promote Jacqueline’s language development in your classroom.

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