Developing a Service Plan

Answer question 1 and 2 in at least 100 words, citing one reference for each.


. Access and watch the “Developing a Service Plan” video located in the Topic 7 folder in MindTap. Evaluate how the case manager supported the client/consumer. Why is it important for the social worker to collaborate with the client/consumer to determine appropriate goals? Why shouldn’t only the social worker set goals/objectives for the client? Explain why it is important for goals to have time frames along with areas of responsibility for the client/consumer.


2. For the Case Management Process assignment in this course, you selected a client/consumer. Using the selected client/consumer’s case, write a specific corresponding case note on goal setting and intervention activities for your client/consumer. Post the note in the discussion forum. Comment on the manageability of the goals your peers posted. How can these goals be managed or measured?


3. Terminating the Case (300-350 words) selected case was “The first interview”


Directions:First, select one client/consumer from the course videos or case studies listed below.


1. Michelle in “The First Interview” and “An Angry Consumer” videos located in Topic 1 folder and Topic 5 folder in MindTap.


2. Alison in “Developing a Service Plan” video in Topic 7 folderin MindTap.


3. Tom in “Helping Tom Solve a Personal Problem” video in Topic 8 folder 8in MindTap.


4. “Marta” Case Study located in Topic 1 folder in MindTap.


5. “Ruth” Case Study located inTopic 1 folder in MindTap.


6. “Dave” Case Study located in Topic 1 folder in MindTap.


7. “Florence” Case Study located in Topic 1 folder in MindTap.


Read Chapter 26 in the textbook. Review the NASW Code of Ethics. Describe a possible termination process for your client/consumer and recommend ways to maintain change including preparing for a possible relapse, while keeping in mind the autonomy of the client.


complete the assignment using quality academic writing. Cite all sources.

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