Need to develop an information security program for an organization of your choosing. This organization can be real, such as an organization, or it can be a hypothetical organization. The information security program design should include the security domains discussed in the textbook.


Visit the SANS Institute to see excellent examples of information security policy examples and templates.Add access controls, telecommunications and network security, and cryptography. Add passive reconnaissance, network security design, decrypting a hash, and a simulated pen test. Finally, a developed information security governance architecture to complement and protect your organization’s business architecture.


Paper requirements: A paper should be a minimum of 15 pages, not including title and reference page, and must also be submitted in proper APA format.


The project document should include the following:


  • Title page
  • Table contents
  • List of tables (if any)
  • List of figures
  • Introduction
  • Information security policy
  • Information security organization
  • Business continuity planning and disaster recovery
  • Network security design and policy
  • Cryptographic policy
  • Physical security policy
  • Security operations policy
  • Information assurance, compliance, and legal policy
  • Summary
  • Reference page

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