Develop a position paper

Using the Word skills you have learned in this course, develop a position paper on how Word will make you a more efficient employee or student and how it relates to being a Christian. Use the following guidelines to complete your paper:


·         Find at least 3 sources in the Liberty University Online Library that support your position. You must demonstrate critical thinking and analysis in your paper.


·         Integrate a biblical perspective with your position concerning the topic. Cite directly from the Bible.


·         Format your paper in current APA, MLA, or Turabian style. The format you choose must be used consistently throughout your paper. For example, if you are using MLA, all formatting, in-text citations, and sources cited must be in MLA style. Use the resources available in the Additional Materials folder of Module/Week 7 to format your paper according to the proper style guidelines.


·         In the footer of your paper, state the formatting style used. For example, if using APA, your footer on every page must have “APA” in it.


·         Cite the sources in your paper, using in-text citations.


·         Include a citation page per your selected formatting style.


·         Your paper must be 500–750 words, not including the words in the headers/footers or on the title page/header and bibliography/works cited/reference page.


·         Apply techniques you have learned in Word to complete the final editing phase of your paper. For example, use functions such as margins, tabs, stops, spacing, indentation, and reference tools to format your paper.


·         Save your document as a .docx file.

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