DescriptionIntroduction and Purpose of Assignment
This assignment starts the process of designing a corporate pay structure. This project will be completed in various parts over the entire course. The project was designed by the Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) and reflects standards of practice expected from professional human resource managers.

During this assignment you will create a job description that provides the basis of a pay structure. (1.1, 1.4)

Theory and Context
As organizations become increasingly market driven, job analysis is becoming less commonly performed. However, it is extremely difficult to design a valid pay structure without accurate job descriptions. If job descriptions are not created, or are not complete, it is nearly impossible to create a sound and fair internal ranking or hierarchy of jobs. Often benchmark jobs are used to design pay structures because external market data about them is readily available (from Instructor’s Manual Designing a Pay Structure).

Student Workbook: Designing a Pay Structure (located in Course Documents in e360)

Website: O*Net Online.

1. From the student workbook, Designing a Pay Structure, complete Task A: Create a complete job description for the Benefits Manager position using O*Net.
2. The job description should be one page in length. Refer to the samples provided in Appendix A of the student workbook, Designing a Pay Structure, to help you compile the job description.
3. Please use a standard APA title page as page 1, and the job description as page 2 in your submission. Include a reference page if references other than O*Net Online are used in creating the job description.
4. The completed assignment should follow the examples included in Appendix A and include: Job Title, Job Summary, Essential Job Tasks, Job Context, and Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities.

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