This assignment requires you to use the Internet and watch videos then critique them. Below are your instructions. See below the pictures of the thought leaders, along with a video tab for each to watch the corresponding video. 


Watch a minimum of three of the videos (they are relatively short) and write a paper 3 to 5 pages in length (not including title and reference pages) related to our course topic. 


 Provide a brief overview of each thought leaders identified flaws and their recommendation to change. 


 What commonalities were identified in the three video clips you reviewed? 


 Analyze the flaws each thought leader identified. How do they connect? How are they supported in the literature? (Research needed) What is your opinion of the flaws? Agree/disagree? 


 Evaluate the recommendations provided by the thought leaders. How are they similar? How are they supported in the literature? (Research needed) Would you agree with their recommendations? If so why; if not why? Support your ideas with research. 


 Compare and contrast how these flaws and recommendations relate to your organization. 


 Provide a brief conclusion summarizing the information presented in your Design Flaws paper 

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