Design a linked list of 3 bit numbers with capacity for 3×4 bits. It should be able to insert input with 2-bit input for position and 3 bits for actual data.

Every position should know weather there is data available or not. This should be set on insert. It should be able to rotate data right & left. It should also be able to swap data of 2 nodes. In that case there should be two 2 bits for source & destination. Your circuit has 2 inputs

A, B Command A,B Insert 00 Rotate right 01 Rotate left 10 swap 11 A Seven segment display is attached to each node. Input Clock Pulse CP Insert Position P0,P1 Insert Data I0…I2 Source Position S0,S1 Destination Position D0,D1 Command A,B Output 4 Seven segment display showing the contents of each node Data Already present IF (insert failure) Note: If node is empty then Seven segment display should display E

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