No minimum or max just need all 5 questions answered 3-5 paragraphs.




  1. Describe the topic you have chosen for your expository essay. What specifically interests you about this topic? Why will this particular focus on the topic be interesting for your readers, too? Conclude this topic description with a “working” or first-draft title for the essay you are planning to write.
  2. Write a “working” or first-draft thesis sentence that states your main idea for writing about this topic. Remember, a thesis statement conveys an expository writer’s most important personal insight, an idea that will be both novel and useful for readers to learn about the essay’s topic.
  3. Brainstorm a random list of key points about your topic, as shaped by your working thesis, that you think belong in the expository essay you imagine writing. Include any explanatory notes that justify a point’s usefulness or suggest possible facts or examples to include as expository support.
  4. Prepare a formal outline that includes planning for all the paragraphs of your expository essay’s three structural parts: introduction, body of exposition, and conclusion. Follow the formal outline template featured in the “Thesis and Outline” PDF presentation, but modify it as needed to outline the number of paragraphs you want to include in your essay. Posting an informal outline (also demonstrated in that course resource), instead, earns partial credit.
  5. After you have completed tasks 1 through 4, reflect on the usefulness in your writing process of completing the first four requirements of this learning activity. Write a paragraph that discusses the pros and cons of carefully planning an essay before you begin writing your first draft.

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