All students should prepare a 3 page paper about a criminal investigation topic that is listed below. Students should use at least three credible sources, one must be a journal article (not website) that discusses the topic. Students should be able to demonstrate having a solid understanding of the topic. Paper due 11/16/19 via Canvas by10:00am

Select one Topic:




Investigative Photography

Crime Scene Sketches

Language analysis

Data Analysis and recovery of computer evidence

Identifying a suspect

Establishing the Modus Operandi

Data mining

Crime scene mapping

Terry Stop

Exigent Circumstances


Cognitive Interview


Geographic profiling

Initiatives to fight against terrorism

Your paper should cover the following:

Select a criminal investigation topic from the list.


Discuss topic’s pros/cons; or controversial use; or problems (be sure to use credible sources to support your discussion.

Provide case example(s) that illustrate your topic and discuss in detail.

Discuss progress of technique or tool in improving criminal investigations

Paper should be 3 full pages to 5 pages.

Paper should include minimum of 3 reliable sources (see above for description).

Be sure in include citations of sources used in the body of the paper and include a works cited page.


You must document your sources using Criminology’s standard citation method, APA.


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