What are the company’s mission and objectives?


 Describe the business model? how do you plan to create a sustainable competitive advantage?


what is the management experience and ability? What are there technical expertise ?



What other  kind of technical expertise does the business?


Do you have board of directors and an advisory board ?( please provide as much information possible)


Are there any professional service providers and, business consultants. ? who are they and what are the areas in which they help the business ?


Does the business have an organizational chart and structure if available please provide.


what is the legal form of the organization?


Who owns the business? (If ownership is a partnership between several people please provide percentage of ownership if possible )


Does the business own any intellectual property rights and ownership including patents, trademarks and copyrights.?



Who are your suppliers for the raw materials? How many suppliers do you have?



Do you have a storage facility for storage of dried vegetable so it can be used to make the product in seasons where producing the vegetables is not possible ?


Do you have any products which you plan to keep constant thought the year to keep the cashflow coming?


Are you aware of any risks you posses  externally and internally ?





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