Write a 2 to 4-page (Times New Roman, 12 double space) essay, with a clear introduction and conclusion, answering the following questions:


  1. Describe Talcott Parson’s “Sick Role”, including the 4 basic categories of this theoretical concept.  Creating a hypothetical sick individual can help you describe Parson’s theoretical concept, however, it is not a requirement.
  2. Define Medicalization and include 2 examples in your definition.
  3. Explain how the functionalist approach feeds into the idea of illness as deviance and contributes to Medicalization. 


Interrelate each component of the essay.  By following this order you should be able to associate the ‘Sick Role’ with ‘Medicalization” to answer the last part of the essay.


For this essay, you do not need to include outside references to answer the question, however, you are required to reference a source.  Using the textbook as a source is allowed, as long as you properly cite it using a recognized referencing style (e.g., ASA, APA, MLA).


NOTE: Including a hypothetical situation of a sick patient can be helpful for explaining Parsons’ theoretical concept. Make sure to write your citations and references correctly, according to the style of your choice.  Citations and references written wrongly will not be accepted.  Do your best to keep your essay under the limit of pages.  Any exes pages will not be included in your final grade for this assignment.

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