Goal: Considering multiple indicators to deal with specific processes using evidence-based decision making.


1-Describe and discuss the problem with patient transport at AUBMC.


2-Should the medical centre engage in a full-blown re-engineering of its patient transport processes? If so how? If not, why not?


a. Regardless of your answer in item 2, if you decided to do a re-engineering effort, identify elements that are crucial to the re-engineering effort. Use a bullet-point format and provide only brief explanations.


3-How can AUBMC address the stated problems? What performance indicators would you use to measure and deal with its problems?


4-How can management assess the situation using the indicators that you suggest in item 3 above? Do you need any additional data? If so, what do you need?


5-Translate the recommended KPIs into efficiency improvements. Also, identify the managerial decisions that are the most important ones to deal with the various problems.


6-Outline potential solutions to their transportation problem, including any problems with existing indicators.


*Use root cause analysis approach as one of the ways to evaluate the problem(s) in this case

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