Imagine that you have been asked to present to your local community about the importance of local organizations that help to support the community if a threat were to occur. First, select a type of threat (human-made, natural, or technological). Address the following issues in your PowerPoint presentation. 



 1. Describe an incident that could occur in your local area. 2. Examine how the roles of nongovernmental organizations, private businesses, and industries would support this incident by providing creative solutions for local governments. 3. Outline the type of supplies and resources (personnel and equipment) that would be used. 4. Explain the roles that nongovernmental organizations have for the five core mission areas: prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. 



 Your PowerPoint presentation must be Eight slides in length (not counting the title or reference slides) and must follow APA style for references and citations. Include at least two images or graphics in your presentation. 

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