Denver Broncos’ Teamwork in Action

FIRST, read the following information on the Denver Broncos and watch the video “Denver Broncos: Teamwork in Action.”

Denver Broncos: Teamwork in (Low-Res)

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Denver Broncos: Teamwork in Action.wmv (Low-Res)

Denver Broncos: Teamwork in (High-Res)

The Denver Broncos rely on teamwork to achieve success. In addition to the teamwork required on the playing field, much of the work each business department accomplishes requires teamwork. Various marketing department employees make it clear that while they each have specific tasks, they work as a team and depend on each other for help regardless of their job descriptions. For example, one states, “We have such a good group and we all get along so well. And that’s what makes the job so fun – the teamwork that goes into everything we do. It’s a team effort. I couldn’t do the job by myself.” Another states, “It’s a good network. Everybody’s in it for the same goal . . .” A third says, “It’s a collaborative, brain-storming kind of environment . . .”
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It is important to encourage everyone to view the Denver Broncos as a first class organization. In order to get the public to feel this way about the organization, the internal message of teamwork and shared goals must be reinforced.

The Denver Broncos’ employees enjoy their jobs and the collaborative nature of their work environment. They also take pride in the fact that they work for one of the best teams in the NFL and that their jobs are unique in nature. They share a strong sense of camaraderie. This type of atmosphere promotes collaboration. Employees often pitch in to help each other complete projects. Help is reciprocated and the end result is a team that isn’t reluctant to call on each other when necessary.

In regard to decision making, the fact that the employees within the marketing department work well together doesn’t mean that things always run smoothly. Sometimes when employees bounce ideas off one another or are in meetings, heated debate ensues regarding the merits of a particular idea. One employee comments, “We debate back and forth and sometimes it gets pretty heated, but it’s never a personal thing. We get all sides on the table, [so that] everyone feels comfortable with the decision once the decision is made.” To further illustrate the nature of these types of debates, one employee explains that even though people have their own agendas, at the end of the day, what invariably emerges from their discussions is that the course of action to be taken should involve what is best for the department as a whole. One employee offers a personal account of a time when his idea was not met with praise, “I may have to bite the bullet this time, but that helps me out with cooperation in the future.” He acknowledges that though he thought his idea to be a good one, he needed to compromise and back down, in order to maintain the integrity of the team mission.

Occasionally, employees in the marketing department interact with coaches and players. Camaraderie and teamwork are not limited to separate groups within the organization. For instance, on one occasion some of the marketing department employees accompanied the Broncos players on a trip to Boston to play the New England Patriots. On the return bus trip to the airport, the bus was involved in a minor traffic accident. The team was stalled in traffic for about 45 minutes. To kill time, the players started telling jokes and laughing among one another. One of the star players spotted a guy from the marketing department, and asked who he was. The marketing employee introduced himself as the “new guy” in the department. The player promptly stood up and announced to the entire bus that the “new guy” was going to start telling the jokes. After a nervous few seconds, “the new guy” was let off the hook, but not before everyone on the bus got to see who he was, and shared a good laugh.

Teamwork is vital to every facet of this Denver Bronco organization—to the marketing team, to the players on the field, and to upper management. Teamwork helps the Broncos not only win on the field, but in every department of their organization.

NEXT, write a Group Dynamic model (see page 237 of the text) for the Denver Broncos’ marketing department. Specifically indicate the appropriate factors for the Denver Broncos’ marketing department in each of the four stages of the model.

THEN, answer the following questions. Pages 238-258 in Chapter 9 of the text should be helpful.


Answers to the questions below should be fully developed, well organized, correctly spelled and grammatically correct. Grades will reflect both the content and writing mechanics demonstrated.

Is the marketing department of the Broncos more of a formal, task, or affinity group? Explain your answer.
Discuss the Broncos’ marketing department in terms of each of the stages of group development: mutual acceptance, communication and decision-making, motivation and productivity, and control and organization.
Explain how each of the group performance factors of composition, size, norms, and cohesiveness contributes to the Broncos’ marketing department’s performance.
The benefits that can result from a team-based environment are enhanced performance, employee benefits, reduced costs, and organizational enhancements. Which of these do you see evidenced in the video? Discuss each or your examples.
What is groupthink? Does it seem to be a problem with the people featured in this video? If so, why? If not, how do they seem to prevent it?

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