Deliverable: Develop a Professional Development Needs Assessment.




You have been promoted to Nurse Manager. As you transition into your new role, Human Resources (HR) requires you to participate in a leadership and management training workshop. The first day of the workshop involves a self-assessment of your leadership and communication style and an examination of key characteristics of an effective nursing leader, culminating in an assessment of your professional development needs. HR requires you to submit a Professional Development Needs Assessment so future training sessions are designed to meet those self-identified needs.


Use the following subheadings to organize your Professional Development Needs Assessment:


Leader and Manager: Differentiate between leadership and management.

What job tasks require a manager?


What situations require a leader?


Key Concepts: Explain key nursing leadership, management, and communication concepts that facilitate collaboration and support interprofessional teams.


Explain how key nursing leadership, management, and communication concepts facilitate collaboration with interprofessional teams.


Leadership Self-Assessment: Describe your personal leadership and communication style.

Explain the strengths of your style that make an effective leader.


Skill Development: Identify skills or areas for future professional development.

What training do you need to be a successful leader in your new position?

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