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You have been hired as the Human Resources Director for a global organization that is headquartered in the United States. Your job is to evaluate and make recommendations in the area of diversity for your company. Each section will contain specific areas within diversity for you to focus on. You will be tasked with choosing from one of the diversity areas that are provided to you. Be sure to conduct research using the university library and other relevant sources.


Diversity Area-Race




As the Director of Human Resources, the CEO and other executive leaders have requested you to design a training session on “Best Practices” for managers on diversity in the workplace. You will need to create a PowerPoint presentation . 8 slides minimum. make sure to include notes in the PowerPoint this will be presented to a class 


Introduction included overview and importance of diversity training program using 2 examples 


Discussed common mistakes or problems managers could face if diversity is not addressed using 3 examples.


Provide suggestions for best practices managers can take away from the training 3 examples 


Conclusion summarized the importance of diversity planning for managers 2 examples 

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