ENG 132


Winesburg Essay: Definition Argument


Spring 2019


The short stories in Winesburg, Ohio, all work to illustrate “the grotesque” in different ways. At first glance, the definition of grotesque might seem pretty straightforward…but it’s not! In this essay, use examples from the short stories to define “grotesque” for your audience.


Essays should be a minimum of 3 pages long (titled, typed, double spaced). Not only should you use examples from the short stories we’ve read and discussed, but you should also use at least two secondary sources to help support your ideas. Please format and cite research according to MLA guidelines (I’ve posted visual examples), and make sure to include a citation for your primary source (Winesburg, Ohio) in your works cited page.


Remember to think about the audience when writing your essay. What misconceptions might they have about the grotesque? Why might they have them? How is grotesque portrayed in the stories? Is it favorable, unfavorable, or both? In what ways are you confused?


If you have any questions, please contact me immediately!

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