Define the basic elements of the theory of communication and the communication process, as well as the decision-making process

Outline the principles of oral and non-verbal communication and define their role in building successful business relationships

Recognize the importance of communication in organizations and document an understanding of the organization’s environment in order to assist with effective decision-making

Write business messages with various goals, such as routine, bad-news, and persuasive messages and plan and write a collaborative report

This assignment has 4 parts:

Based on a group project that you have been involved with (classroom, projects at work, projects at home, etc.), discuss the following:

  1. Describe the project.
  2. Discuss how your group was able to avoid conflict and criticism (or not).
  3. Describe how different personalities affected how the group worked together.
  4. If you could change anything about the group what would it have been and why?

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